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  • Merran Decker

Into the Thick of It

This hand-drawn pastel graphic is entitled “Into the Thick of It” and was inspired by a recent popular TikTok trend. The song “Into the Thick of It” – from an old children’s show, The Backyardigans – recently resurfaced into pop culture as Gen-Z TikTok users included the sound when describing their adventures.

I felt that this concept would connect with Reflect’s college demographic, but it would also convey a deeper meaning. The adventuring girl depicted in the image exploring tropical plants is a metaphor for curiosity and deeply exploring our own minds. In addition, many of the plant leaves contain designs that reference the structure of neurons in the brain. There are countless complexities that go along with plants and nature, and mental wellness is not quite so different in that regard.

When we let our guard down to have honest and authentic conversations, we are more deeply able to discover our own minds and appreciate our true selves. I hope this piece inspires others to dive deeper into their own minds to discover their own unique authenticity.


Merran Decker is a Summer 2021 Reflect Intern from Dallas, Texas, and a rising sophomore at High Point University. Merran has a Strategic Communications Major and an English Minor; she plans on pursuing a master's degree in Business and Communications and, ultimately, a career in advertising or marketing. Merran is a leader on campus, serving as a University Ambassador, First Year Navigator, Presidential Scholar, Siegfried Leadership Fellow, and Pledge Class Representative in Alpha Chi Omega. Merran is passionate about both creativity and community, and some of her hobbies include art, fitness, writing, and spending time outdoors.


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