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At monthly, student-run Reflect Roundtables, students of all years are invited to connect openly and honestly. Students drive the conversation and empower their peers to speak their minds. The space is destigmatized to enable students to feel confident and comfortable opening up. Reflect insists on a peer-to-peer, strengths-based model designed to forge networks of mutual support and empower students to foster a campus culture defined by authenticity, self-love, and allyship.

Reflect Roundtables (previously Reflect Dinners) is a research-based program and can occur in-person or virtually. 


The unscripted video below, produced by Queens College student Carlos Menacho, demonstrates the transformative power of Reflect. While this video focuses on Reflect's program site at Queens College, Reflect's programs work similarly at all of its program sites throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and Georgia.

Reflect Video – Final
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