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  • Farrah Mawani

4 Ways to Relieve Stress as the End of the Semester Approaches

As the end of the semester and finals season approaches, I urge you to remember to prioritize your wellness! Here are some practices I’ve found helpful during what can be a stressful time:

1. Treat yourself

Let’s face it – sometimes we get caught up in a loop of studying and sleeping. Sometimes, we forget to set away time to care for ourselves, whether alone or in a group. (Keep in mind that BOTH are okay! Sometimes, people are in the mood to hang out with others, and sometimes, people just want time for themselves.) So, whether you’re taking a long, warm bath by yourself or chatting with others, embrace time to relax – you deserve it!

2. Try out a study group

While solo studying can be helpful, there might be times when incorporating friends into your study plans makes studying more pleasant. Consider inviting friends to join you in a study session! Seeing people we love may help us unwind and relax during finals season. Also, teaching friends course material could help all of you learn it better!

3. Reframe “failures”

I strongly believe that we shouldn’t be defined by our faults. Even if we don’t always succeed in the way we want, I urge that you not dwell on “failures.” Rather, try to reframe them as learning experiences: opportunities to reflect, grow, and move forward!

4. And finally… be authentic and supportive!

There’s no denying that exam season can be stressful, but before we get caught up in negative emotions, it can be helpful to look around and realize that the people around us are likely experiencing similar feelings. It is helpful to remember that we are not alone. Talking with others about worries and insecurities may seem intimidating at first, but being vulnerable and supportive of one another can be really helpful.

While some students might see the upcoming end of the semester as something very exciting, some of us are definitely feeling some of the stress already. I hope these tips help you during this stressful period just as much as they have helped me! Remember that self-care should always be your number one priority!

Farrah is a member of the Cornell University class of 2019. She is a senior double majoring in Psychology and Biology & Society. In her free time, Farrah is involved with the Cornell GLOW club, seeking to improve mental health on campus through artistic expression. Farrah joined Cornell Reflect and became one of the chapter's reporters in 2018.


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