Kyra Butler
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Kyra Butler was a summer 2019 Intern and is a current Project Associate at The Reflect Organization. Kyra's role at Reflect includes helping with special projects, implementing social media efforts, and providing administrative support. Kyra is a passionate advocate for mental wellness for college students and beyond. Through Reflect, she has attended professional development workshops for training in trauma, diversity, and racial literacy and received certification in Youth Mental Health First Aid. Kyra earned a B.S. in Sociology and Psychology from the Frederick Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University in 2018. She is currently a Client Experience Associate at The Nebo Company in Washington DC, a leadership development firm working at the confluence of organizational strategy, leadership, and culture.

Mikala Cardo

Mikala was a summer 2021 intern and is a current Project Associate at The Reflect Organization. She is an undergraduate psychology major at St. John’s University. Mikala hopes to continue her education, by attending grad school and deepening her knowledge in the field of clinical psychology. Aside from her work at Reflect, Mikala is working as a Behavior Tech with children with autism and is in the process of becoming a certified RBT. She holds a passion for mental health advocacy and enjoys getting to continue her work with Reflect.

Dennis Cogan
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Dennis is The Reflect Organization's summer 2022 Fellowship Program Coordinator. He was a summer 2021 intern at Reflect, and he is eager to continue strengthening mental health services in colleges and universities as a Project Associate. He is currently a senior at Fordham University majoring in psychology and sociology with a minor in German. He is also pursuing in Accelerated Master’s degree in Ethics and Society at Fordham. He hopes to become a clinical psychologist.

Dennis Cogan
Jared Fenton
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Jared Fenton is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Reflect Organization. While at the University of Pennsylvania, Jared produced the first-ever mixed-methods research examining the phenomenon of “Penn Face.” Jared has been honored by numerous mental health organizations for his work in the field, and he was awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award by Barack Obama. Jared graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania, with a BA in Political Science and a certificate from the Civic Scholars Program for Social Action and Civic Engagement.

Jared Fenton
Jared Fenton
Isabella Kakish

Isabella was a 2021 summer intern and is currently a Project Associate at the Reflection Organization. As an intern, Isabella worked on growing The Reflection Series and Reflect's social media. She is a current student at McGill University pursuing a B.A. in psychology with hopes of becoming a clinical psychologist.

Dylan Levkoff

Dylan Levkoff was a Spring 2021 Intern and is a current Project Associate at The Reflect Organization. As a Project Associate, Dylan assists with building Reflect’s social media presence and content creation. Dylan graduated from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Education. She will continue her education and pursue a master’s degree in Special Education.

Caitlin Lewis

Caitlin was a summer 2021 intern and is currently a Project Associate at Reflect. She is a senior at Tulane University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Management. After graduation she plans to further her education by pursuing a master's degree in counseling, with the hopes of becoming a therapist.

Olivia Robb

Olivia Robb was a summer 2019 Intern and is the current Intern Coordinator at The Reflect Organization. She continues to enjoy working with Reflect to make a deeper impact. She graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology at Washington College and is currently pursuing further education to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Madeline Omrod
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Madeline Omrod was a summer 2018 Intern and is a current Project Associate at The Reflect Organization. As Project Associate, Madeline serves as Founder and co-Editor of The Well, a written forum for Reflect students to share their experiences. Madeline graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.S. in Psychology. She will continue her education in the field of mental health at the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (GSSWSR). Madeline’s dream is to be a practicing counselor for adolescents, with a focus on relationship, mental health, and life struggles. 

Charles Roepke
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Charles Roepke is the Executive Assistant of The Reflect Organization. He was a summer 2019 Intern and Project Associate, serving as co-Editor of Reflect's blog, The Well. Charles graduated summa cum laude from Penn State University Abington, where he studied English, Corporate Communication, and Writing.

Carrie Rudel

Carrie Rudel was a 2021 summer intern and is a current Project Associate at The Reflect Organization. As a Project Associate, Carrie's role includes working on art and design with respect to both Reflect's social media presence and Reflect's blog (The Well). She is also a trained Mindful Leader who has worked with Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Carrie will be graduating from ASU Barrett this spring with a B.A. in Social and Cultural Analysis with an emphasis on Queer and Sexuality Studies. She plans to go on to graduate school and pursue a career as an LCSW.

Natalie Vaughan
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Natalie Vaughan was a summer 2019 Intern and is a current Project Associate at The Reflect Organization. As a Project Associate, Natalie has assisted with Reflect's hiring processes and fiscal management. Natalie currently works as a Post-Baccalaureate Clinical Fellow in the division of child and adolescent psychiatry at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, and volunteers as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line. In June 2020, Natalie received a B.A. in English from Dartmouth College.

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