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Miss World America Washington l The Reflect Organization Ambassador

Shree Saini, current Miss World America Washington, has the following life motto: “Your kindness, compassion, humility, encouraging words, and support has the power to leave a lasting positive impact on others." Shree is a proud Ambassador of The Reflect Organization, embodying Reflect's values through her impassioned advocacy for mental wellness, with a focus on spreading kindness and promoting resilience. A recent college graduate, Shree exemplifies our belief in college students to overcome challenges and be transformative. At the age of 12, Shree had a pacemaker implanted.

Later, Shree survived a car accident that left her with facial burns. Resilient in the face of these challenges, Shree has become a multi-time pageant winner, Yale-trained actor, international motivational speaker, and kindness advocate, among so much else. In her capacity as a Reflect Ambassador, Shree speaks publicly about the impact of Reflect’s programming, champions Reflect's message, and collaborates with Reflect across multiple online platforms.

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